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Venous Obstruction

Venous Obstruction / Leg Swelling

Central Vein stenting and DVT Removal

The IVC or Pelvic veins can become obstructed over time. This can cause one of two problems. Some patients develop slow onset of one-sided leg swelling, heaviness, or fatigue. Other patients develop acute onset of massive leg swelling related to clot formation, called deep vein thrombosis or DVT, at the obstruction. The vascular specialists at VIA vein center are the most experienced physicians in the region in the treatment of leg swelling from IVC or Pelvic vein obstruction or DVT. Our physicians can treat venous obstruction using stents and clot-busting medications to open up the veins and restore the normal pathway for blood flow.

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Vein Treatment
Vein Treatment
Vein Treatment